Dear Friends,

I'm about to tell you a story of how I helped thousands of individuals who went from being single and exercising countless hours a day, to married, having kids and working full time, leaving them with little time to work out and an undesirable body.  Before I share my story, I encourage you to read my whole story so you can learn about a Simple Formula that I discovered that helped them burn fat and build the lean toned bodies you will see below. After reading my story I hope you pick up one thing... you can have the body of your dreams.  If all of these people can do it, so can you!

Top Body Transformation Expert

Joe Howard is the author of the Firefighter Fitness Formula, the creator of the popular 3-in-1 Weight Loss Formula and the founder of the famous body-transforming FitPro Boot Camp.  

Now for my story......

I was one of these people.  I use to work out all of the time (typically, I would spend at least 2 hours in the gym) and was in the best shape of my life. Then it happened...I started skipping workouts and eating bad foods and I started packing on the pounds.   

Life became busy!  Having to work around another person's schedule really threw a damper in things; and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it did.  We had our son Ben.  (Trust me when I say this....he is the best thing that happened to me as you will soon learn.) But if you are a parent, you can relate with me when I say this.... I was being pulled in different directions, had little time to myself and, for the first time ever, my jeans were starting to fit tight around my growing stomach.  As a fitness expert I had to come up with a solution.  I could not take it anymore!

So one day, I sat down with a pen and paper and started drawing out a formula to remove this excess weight that I gained.  

After 4 weeks of testing my new formula I noticed something strange.  People were starting to look at me differently.  I couldn't quite put a finger on it.  Then, I figured it out one day when I was at the water park.  They were looking at how amazing I looked.  Now before you call me conceited, you have to remember I became a trainer who had a belly.  Every time I was around family, they would give me a hard time about the weight I gained.  I could just see it in their eyes.....they were thinking "he was in awesome shape before and now he has a belly".  It killed me every time I saw that look in their eyes!  

But this time it was different, I felt attractive!

As you can see in the first photo I gained weight, I not only had a belly (which I had hidden with my baggy shirt) but I also had a chubby face.  To be honest, I really did not want to have my picture taken because of how I felt.

After experiencing these results, I could not hold back.  I had to design a program that others could use.  That is when I created FitPro Boot Camp.

Since then, I have tweaked my formula to make it 10X stronger and the results have been outstanding!

Check Out These Results:

Mike Rickords

FitPro Boot Camp helped me get measurable results.  But I must admit I have only scratched the surface of what Joe has to each me.

I can not wait to learn more and some day compete in a fitness competition.  
This program has not only changed my life but it has also change my wife's life.

Beth Blackburn

This program changed my life. 

I have more energy now, I don't  feel depressed anymore and its nice having a solid fitness program.  The trainers push you to get results and stand behind you every step of the way with positive encouragement.  

It's the best choice I ever made! 
Here is what you will get when you join:
  • Boot Camp Insider - This is our private Facebook Group.  Inside this group you can download meal plans, recipes, workout programs and more ($240 Value)
  • Free Gym Membership - You, your spouse and kids (ages 14-18) will have access to use the gym at any time. ($37.44 per month value)
  • Trained By Certified Trainers - You will be trained by one of my Certified Personal Trainers 3 days a week, 1 hour each day (normally we charge $30 per half hour)

I have one goal - to teach you how to change your body in the fastest and most effortless way possible.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, build a lean toned body or take your fitness to the next level ...your newly defined structure, that I will provide you with, will empower and energize you to do just that.

As a bonus when you join, I am going to give you my personal blue print and check list that I use every day to achieve my fitness goals.   This will help speed up your results tremendously.  Inside this blue print I'm going to show you the common "gotchas" that can occur in life and how they will set you back.  (To be honest, I bet these gotchas are something you already do each day and don't even know it.) ($700 Value)

I must be crazy....

Like I mentioned before, if you were to work with me, or any of our personal trainers one-on-one, you'd pay at least $720 per month.  Not to mention, you would be hard pressed to find a personal trainer out there who would put his money where his mouth is and guarantee you results like I do.

The good news is you won't pay anywhere near what the typical trainer charges for one-on-one training.  Matter of fact, you won't even pay half of that price when you join FitPro Boot Camp.  Instead your investment is as little as $119 per month - That's less than $3.97 per day!

Yeah, I know...I must be crazy!

Let's not forget about my crazy 100% money back guarantee....

I guess you have nothing to lose!

Ok, I'm ready to start.  What times are the Boot Camps held?

Because my secret formula is so powerful, I have divide my boot camps into a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule. Below you will find a list of class times.

How do I get started?

First, pick out a boot camp time above.  Next, pick up the phone and give us a call to reserve your spot 563-243-2223.  Or you can stop in and check out our facility.  

What are you waiting for?  Go ahead, and enter your info above so I can give you a call and teach you my proven weight loss and body toning secrets that I created.  But remember, I can't help you unless you're ready to help yourself.  It all starts with making a decision this very moment.

You can enter your information, get started this week and be down 3-5 lbs or you can be on the fence and never make that commitment.  (We all know that we don't build a lean, toned, sexy body by sitting on the fence!)

I look forward to seeing you in Boot Camp.

Your Body Transformation Expert,

Joe Howard

PS - Remember, there is no risk on your part.  You're fully protected by my 30 day "lose the fat and get into shape, or get your money back" unconditional guarantee. So, go back to that form and enter your info now.

PPS - 30 days form now you will be 1 month older and possibly 3-7 pounds heavier - or you could be 5-10 pounds lighter, 10 times stronger and 30 days closer to the body of your dreams.

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